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We work with small businesses and agencies, primarily in Santa Cruz County, Monterey County,  and Silicon Valley. Our clients include non profit organizations, insurance broker companies, real estate agencies, government offices, emergency responders, technology manufacturers, attorneys, and CPAs. Based in Santa Cruz, California, we love serving clients in our local area so that we can provide in-person, concierge customer service rarely found from outside IT support. Our clients benefit from our customized offerings, tailored to propel their business goals, improve workflow, and strengthen cybersecurity. Let us know how we can best serve your business:  



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Our Philosophy


Who We Are: Your Worry-Free IT Partner

Pagoda believes in proactive technology solutions that anticipate and plan for potential problems before they occur. We also believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients so that you have an IT partner you know and trust. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your business objectives, and we do that through customized IT services, tailored to your unique challenges and vision for success. We’re here to make your life easier and your business stronger.


As a business that handles sensitive client data, we always put cybersecurity first. This means implementing an array of cybersecurity policies, such as keeping our operating systems and website up to date, using reliable virus protection, and enforcing password best practices. We highly value our clients' right to privacy and never share your information with any third parties without your permission. We are committed to cultivating trusted relationships with our clients, which means you have a right to know how we are storing and protecting your data. Don't hesitate to ask us for more information about our cybersecurity practices. 


Who We Are Not

We are not resellers or pay-by-the-hour service providers. IT resellers receive commission for every piece of equipment and software they sell, resulting in a profit-over-people mindset. This means you pay more than you should for equipment you don’t need, and there’s no guarantee that your investments will protect and grow your business. An IT reseller is an expert in sales, not technology.


Pay-by-the-hour providers get paid more with each IT issue that arises, giving them no motivation to fix things right the first time. They charge you for their time, not their expertise, leading to exorbitant fees with disappointing results.



Your Success is Our Success

As a managed service provider that charges a flat monthly fee, we are motivated to ensure your systems are secure and running smoothly each and every day. If an issue does arise, we will spend however much time it takes to fix it, at no additional charge. You never worry about going over budget and can rest easy knowing that we’re always on the lookout for security or productivity issues. We take on the risk, not our clients. As your IT service partner, your success is our success.  




Pagoda responds promptly to tickets. They also RESOLVE issues quickly. The whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The first person we spoke with resolved our issue on the very first call, for the majority of issues we opened. Speaking from first-hand experience, I would HIGHLY recommend Pagoda as a trusted, friendly, and helpful IT services partner!


~Vincent Saelzler, Wilmington plc


Meet the Principals of Pagoda

Jon Allen


Jon began his career as a programmer in Auckland, New Zealand. In 1989, he developed a communications software for shipping companies and banks that ultimately led him to his current home in Santa Cruz, California where he’s owned and operated Pagoda Technologies since the year 2000. Since his days as a programmer, Jon has shifted his focus and passion to exploring new technology and helping business owners make their lives easier through comprehensive IT management. Originally from a sheep farm on Pirongia Mountain, New Zealand, Jon has lived in Santa Cruz since 1994. When he’s not ensuring the security and productivity of his clients' businesses, Jon loves exploring the many local state parks with his family, playing club table tennis, and raising his two daughters.   





Robbin Finnerty


Robbin took a circuitous path to the world of IT management. Her background ranges from heavy equipment operator and foreman to vice president of roller coaster engineering for Great Coasters International. Prior to working for Great Coasters, Robbin got a good grounding in network management and mobile support. By the time she left the company to partner with Jon as a Principal at Pagoda Technologies, she had honed those along with her engineering skills. As an IT and business support specialist with Pagoda, Robbin enjoys supporting organizations and businesses that make a difference by helping them improve efficiency and end user experiences. Athletically inclined all her life, she is a former World Champion Powerlifter with the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters and is co-founder of Pathways Dojo Martial and Healing Arts School. Originally from Hong Kong, Robbin has called Santa Cruz home since 1960. In her spare time, she practices and teaches martial arts and nature connection practices, takes part in ocean and watersports, and enjoys observing, tracking and training both animals and people.




Giving Back to Our Community

We care deeply about our community and believe that as business owners, it’s our duty to do what we can to support local businesses and organizations committed to protecting both people and the planet. We are Think Local First Members and contribute annually to the Second Harvest Food Bank and a variety of other environmental and community-minded nonprofits.   




Pagoda Technologies has been the IT support provider for Visit Santa Cruz County for more than two years. We have found them to be very responsive to our needs when there is an issue, as well as proactive in ensuring that our technology is up-to-date and meeting our needs. Additionally, the staff at Pagoda Technology is fantastic at explaining technology to non-technology staff, resulting in a greater understanding of our business needs. Visit Santa Cruz County considers Pagoda Technology a critical component in our success in serving not only the visitors to Santa Cruz County, but our many partners as well.


~Maggie Ivy, CEO of Visit Santa Cruz County


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Pagoda Technologies has been a joy to work the past 3+ years. Excellent customer service and incredibly knowledgeable. They anticipate and resolve issues, often before we have even known anything might be wrong.They respond (and resolve) issues almost immediately, yet are flexible and willing to wait until after work hours (according to our schedule preference rather than theirs). For the not-so-techy person, they make it understandable. They have helped our staff with safety training offerings (invaluable in a world of cyber crime) and have made excellent recommendations to help us prioritize our IT needs relative to our budget. I cannot say enough about how happy we are to be working with them!


~Michelle Sudfeld, Assist International 


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As your trusted IT service partner, Pagoda Technologies is here to help you achieve your near and long-term business goals through reliable and affordable IT support. 

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