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Why the Most Successful Businesses Have a Cyber Resiliency Mindset

December 16, 2021

We have a really fun cybersecurity exercise for you and your team: Imagine a cybercriminal has just hacked your website or your CRM or email server … you get the idea. Now imagine the position this puts you in. What customer data is compromised? What parts of your day-to-day operations would be forced to grind to a halt? How would this impact your reputation and your bottom-line?


If your hands are sweating by this point and you feel a major headache coming on, then you recognize just how damaging a cyberattack can be to your business. And the unfortunate truth is that, with the advance of spyware, social engineering and other cybercriminal tactics, this extremely stressful scenario is in the cards at some point for nearly every business owner. Yikes. This is why the most successful businesses all swear by a cyber resiliency mindset. With a cyber resilience strategy in place, you can greatly mitigate the long-term damage of a data breach and quickly get your operations back up to speed.    


What is cyber resiliency? 

The cyber resiliency model is quickly gaining a foothold across industries, and for good reason. Cyber resiliency measures the ability of a business to safeguard operations in the face of a cyberattack. If your data is compromised, how quickly are you able to respond to the event, remedy the situation, and get back to business as usual? 


A cyber resiliency mindset means accepting that a cyberattack will, at some point, occur, and planning accordingly so that you’re not caught blindsided. A business with high cyber resiliency has the strategy, tools, and resources in place to act swiftly and effectively in order to minimize the damage and get operations back  up and running as quickly as possible. 


Cyber resiliency does not, by any means, negate the need for comprehensive IT services. Take a minute to imagine how exposed your business would be to cyberattacks without regular, ongoing cybersecurity measures in place. You would be spending most of your time on damage control — repairing your reputation, notifying customers that their data has been compromised, and spending a fortune in legal fees. Successful businesses recognize that the two go hand-in-hand: Preventive cybersecurity measures are critical, from regular backups to ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your technology. A cyber resiliency mindset, however, is also critical because it’s naive to believe that these measures can guarantee you complete immunity from all attacks. 


The key tenets of a cyber resiliency mindset 

The good news is, if you have a robust cybersecurity strategy already in place, you’re likely already subscribing to some, if not all of, the key tenets of a cyber resiliency mindset. We see cyber resilience as a five-pronged approach. The five prongs include Policy, Prevention, Detection, Response, and Recovery. If this sounds familiar, that’s because these are the same components that make up our multi-layered security strategy. We strongly believe that any truly effective security strategy is grounded in a cyber resiliency mindset. 


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