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Holiday Gift Guide for the Remote Worker

December 17, 2020

Working from home can seem like a dream the first few weeks, but for many of us, that honeymoon period has long worn off. It turns out that working remotely is hard. Creating an environment at home that keeps us productive, stimulated, and happy requires investing in some key pieces of equipment, as well as carving out time for decompression and recharging. 


This gift list includes 11 ideas to improve the remote work experience and to help cultivate a new year of productivity, balance, and resilience for a loved one or for yourself.    


Gifts for Comfort 


Ergonomic Desk Setup 

We know that sitting at a desk all day can have deleterious effects on our health, and this is especially true when working from home. When all your meetings happen at your desk through video conference calls, the time in your chair and at your screen goes way up. This means it’s especially important to invest in an ergonomic setup for your desk. 


This laptop stand from obVus Solutions with adjustable height settings and angle tilts will help you sit up straight and avoid those awful neck cramps from craning or crouching. An ergonomic mouse and keyboard are equally important to prevent issues like carpal tunnel caused by repeatedly putting pressure on the wrist. Logitech’s Wireless Keyboard K350 and Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball will alleviate that pressure and make typing and scrolling far more comfortable. Plus, the mouse is made from recycled plastic and is shipped in sustainable paper packaging from FSC certified forests, reducing your impact on the environment with this purchase.    


Noise cancelling headphones 

Many remote workers have to share their home office with multiple family members, often making it difficult, if not impossible, to focus. Noise cancelling headphones like this highly rated pair from Bose allow for uninterrupted work time and a much-needed respite from the chaos. 


Purifying heating fan

Productivity plummets when you’re too hot or too cold. Working in a space with good air quality is also important for productivity and long term health. The Dyson purifying heating fans ensures your home office stays at a comfortable temperature all day long while actively purifying the air.  


Gifts for Organization 


Desk organization system 

Working in a cluttered environment can make it hard to focus and can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation. Grovemade, based in Portland, OR, has all the accessories you need to build out a fully functional organization system that will transform any home office into a beautiful, clean space you’ll actually want to spend time in. Choose from a variety of enticing products crafted from natural materials like wood, leather, and wool including desk shelves, trays, pen cups, and more.      


Cable management accessories 

When it comes to office clutter, cords can be a big source of the mess. Fortunately, there are a variety of clever cable management accessories to hide the unsightly tangle. This sleek cable box by Baskiss is a great option for a desktop. To organize and hide cables that run behind your desk, check out this clean white steel cable tray by Monoprice.  



Gifts for Video Calls


LED lighting for video calls

Working remote means endless video calls and unless you’re lucky enough to have perfectly positioned windows and just the right overhead lights and desk lamps, you’re probably pretty unhappy with how you appear on screen. An LED light setup like Apurture AL-F7 Dimmable LED Video Light eliminates unwanted shadows and will cast you in a more flattering light. 


HD Webcam

Another helpful upgrade for video calls is an HD webcam. While the webcam on your computer will get the job done, a separate webcam like the Logitech C920 will noticeably improve the video quality. This is a great gift for the remote worker who conducts video calls with clients or who is looking to record high-quality videos for a blog or YouTube channel. 



For video conference calls, a good quality microphone goes a long way in appearing professional and ensuring your voice is always heard. Directional microphones significantly reduce ambient noise resulting in crystal clear audio. Audio Technica’s ATRS2100 has great sound quality for a reasonable price and only requires a USB plug to hook up to your computer. Don’t forget to invest in a stand as well.   


Gifts to Unwind and Recharge


Chess set  

Since the airing of the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, sales of chess sets have skyrocketed and for good reason. Chess is a great way to unwind and divert your attention from the stresses of work. It can also improve problem solving skills, promote creativity, and develop planning and foresight off the board. Find the perfect set at The Chess Store


Pour-over kettle

No home office is complete without a good coffee and/or tea station. The Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle can be adjusted to the ideal temperature for either your morning pour-over coffee or an afternoon cup of green tea. Pair this gift with a sampler pack of organic, fair-trade tea or coffee


Meditation Cushion and App

Inspire yourself or a loved one to take up a daily meditation practice with this super comfy Brentwood meditation cushion and a subscription to the Ten Percent Happier app. Designed by an L.A. yoga instructor, the buckwheat-filled cushion provides just enough height to support the spine. (This is definitely a must if you’re sitting at a desk all day.) Ten Percent Happier offers hundreds of guided meditations, mindfulness talks and courses from the world’s top mindfulness experts.   


Feature Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


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