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5 Tech Gifts to Make You Happier and Healthier at Work and Home

December 5, 2019

Need to drop some not-so-subtle gift hints to friends and family this year? As a small business owner, there are certain gifts that can greatly benefit you both personally and professionally, leading to a happier, healthier and more successful year. So, don’t be shy, let your loved ones know what you really need this holiday season. Here are 6 ideas to inspire your list:  


1. Portable Charger or Power Bank 

A portable charger isn’t just a handy device for traveling, it’s now an essential gadget for both planned and unplanned power outages. According to Wirecutter, the Anker PowerCore Fusion is a good choice with the option to function as a wall charger or power bank when on the go. 


2. Upright Go 2 - Your Personal Posture Trainer 

If you sit at a desk all day, your posture could most likely use some work. About the size of a pack of gum, the Upright Go 2 adheres to your upper back and vibrates whenever you slouch, reminding you to correct your posture. You can also sync the Upright Go 2 to all your devices through the mobile app to track your posture, set goals, and more. 


3. Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit 

Whether for your home or office, smart light bulbs allow you to dim, control the color temperature, and turn lights off and on using voice commands or remotely via a smart device. The Philips Hue Starter Kits work with Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit and have the option of setting schedules and routines for a more energy efficient home.  


4. Phonesoap 3 - Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Have you ever thought about just how many germs live on your smartphone? According to Phonesoap, it’s 18 times dirtier and contains more bacteria than a public toilet. Using a UV sanitizer, the Phonesoap 3 kills 99.99% of these germs while charging your phone at the same time. Keep yourself healthy through the winter months and throughout the year with this handy gadget.   


5. Smart Air Purifier by Rabbit Air

No, your air purifier doesn’t have to be smart to be effective, but when connected to wifi, you can access air quality history, receive filter maintenance reminders, and use voice and remote control. The Minus A2 by Rabbit Air is whisper quiet and traps allergens and particles less than 0.1 microns in size. An air purifier at your home or office can help limit the spread of viruses, reduce odors, and remove allergens from pets. Want more choices? Check out these other smart air purifiers reviewed by


And one more to buy for yourself … 

If you frequently forget passwords, use the same password across accounts (because otherwise you’d forget), or use your browser to store this sensitive information, it’s time to gift yourself a password manager like LastPass. LastPass is a secure, organized way to store all your passwords in one place that you can access from anywhere. LastPass offers a free version but upgrading to the paid subscription gets you all sorts of useful features like the ability to add multiple team members, share account info securely with others, and set security controls and restrictions based on your unique needs.


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