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The Internet of Things: Ten Oddly Useful Smart Home Devices

January 19, 2017

The internet of things (IoT) is rapidly weaving itself into the fabric of our daily lives. From smartphones to smart HVAC systems like the Nest Thermostat, our world is increasingly connected through our everyday objects.


Although the IoT poses significant security risks, it is also an exciting new frontier that’s paving the way for a future that transcends physical boundaries and allows you to achieve more on the go. We’re getting a glimpse of this future through some of the very creative smart devices that are currently or soon-to-be on the market. Some of these products are useful while others will leave you scratching your head.

We’ve rounded up ten oddly useful smart home devices that foreshadow what a fully connected future might look like:


1.  Belty Good Vibes

Wearing this French belt is like having a personal trainer permanently attached to your hip. Belty vibrates to let you know when you’ve been sitting for too long and will push you to walk faster by vibrating at a certain rhythm. Among other things, this smart belt will remind you to drink more water, sit up straight, breathe deeply, and even take a power nap. You can also talk to your new personal trainer by tapping on the belt buckle.



2.  HapiFork

Track your eating habits and create healthier ones with this special bluetooth-enabled smart fork. HapiFork vibrates when you’re shoveling down your meal a bit too enthusiastically and allows you to see your eating stats in real time. (We’re not sure what eating stats are either, but it makes eating sound like an official sport which will probably appeal to the masses.)



3.  BlackSocks

These are so much more than a pair of black socks. In case you need help determining if your socks need replacing, these smart socks pair with your phone to notify you when your socks have faded or are wearing through. The app can also help you sort your socks and make sure you always have a perfect pair.  


4.  The Bluesmart Suitcase

You no longer have to rely on airlines to keep track of your precious cargo. Bluesmart allows you to track your luggage, remotely lock your suitcase, and weigh your luggage to help you avoid hefty fees. This handy suitcase also acts as a charging station for your electronic devices. Ok, this smart device actually isn’t oddly useful at all - it’s just plain useful.



5.  Smart Egg Tray

There’s no need to check your fridge before making a trip to the grocery store with the Quirky Egg Minder Wink App Enabled Smart Egg Tray. The tray connects to your smartphone and notifies you if you’re running low on eggs or if your eggs are about to go bad. Just what you’ve always wanted, right?



6.  Smart Dog Bowl

Your dog is so good at the pleading puppy face you can never tell when he’s actually hungry or just pulling your leg. This smart dog (or cat) bowl tracks when your pet last ate to prevent double-feeding - especially helpful if there are multiple people for Fido to beg from. The bowl also tracks your animal’s eating and drinking habits and alerts you on your smartphone when these habits change, helping you track your pet’s health. Extra bonus: Connect your bowl to your Amazon account so when the food runs low, an order is already placed and on its way.



7.  The Oombrella

Your Oombrella won’t let you get caught in a downpour without it. With weather tracking capabilities, this fancy umbrella will send notifications to your smartphone when it’s expected to rain and alert you if you start to leave home, work, or the bar without it.



8.  The Parrot POT

Featured in our holiday blog post 11 Tech Gadget Gifts for Everyone on Your List, this smart flowerpot has a self-irrigation system that adjusts to the plant’s natural life-cycle so it always gets just the right amount of water at the right time. You can even leave your plant unattended for up to a month and the Parrot POT will take care of it in your absence! (Guaranteed this smart flowerpot is a much more reliable plant-sitter than your next door neighbor.)



9.  Eight Sleep Smart Mattress

It’s time to take sleeping to a whole new level. With fitness and health tracking apps all the rage, it’s no surprise that the next big thing would be home technology to track your sleep. The Eight Sleep Smart Mattress tracks your sleep patterns and provides you with a restfulness score every morning so you can understand when you sleep most deeply and when you toss and turn. This mattress also has custom temperature settings that allow you to discover your optimal temperature for a great night’s sleep.



10.  Nespresso Prodigio Smart Coffee Maker

Schedule your caffeine hits with scary precision with Nespresso’s first smart coffeemaker. Without even leaving your desk, use your phone to schedule your next brew time so your cuppa joe is ready for consumption before you start to crash. You can also avoid - dare we say it? - running out of coffee (gasp!) by receiving alerts when your stash is running low.


There are many other strange IoT products on the market that didn’t make the list, including a toothbrush with a built-in camera so you can see live video of the inside of your mouth and a smart water bottle that reminds you to drink. With the growing number of available smart devices, it’s not hard to imagine a day when every object in your home is connected to the internet. After all, we already have smart clothing and toiletries - it’s just a matter of when these smart devices for your home go from luxury items to the public standard.




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