Cloud Solutions: Business Office Services for Data Backup and Storage, Remote and Mobile Workforce


Cloud solutions - take advantage of new business office services from cloud computing technology. Your information can be securely stored and shared online making it easy to schedule protected automated data backup, use cost-effective data storage and to increase workforce productivity with remote file sharing and calendaring. Pagoda Tech can help you integrate leading edge cloud and remote functionality including Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 that will make your office more efficient and secure. Combined with cloud solutions, the latest mobile and wifi technologies expand your access to 24/7 connection with your employees and customers. Pagoda offers comprehensive network support—in-office, on the go and in the Cloud.


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Cloud Computing Business Solutions Save Time and Expand your Access to Employees and Customers

  • No system downtime due to power or hardware failures
  • Remote access from any worldwide location
  • Secure automated data and document backups and information storage
  • Easy 24/7 remote system monitoring and response
  • Complete mobile office functionality
  • Smart-phones, tablets, any non-networked remote computer
  • Instant file sharing and communications with employees or customers
  • Email, Chat, Voice, Calendars and Reminders, Meetings


What does this mean for your business?


In addition to having network support you can rely on, you and your staff will have access to all of your data from home, car, plane, train, client’s office—or any other mobile location.  When you’re sick at home with deadline’s looming—just reach for the Cloud. When you’re on a family vacation, but need to accomplish a bit of work—look to the Cloud. When you’re half way home in the middle of commuter traffic and you realize you’ve left an important file on your desktop—you’ll never have to worry again because your files are always accessible from the Cloud.

Cloud Benefits for your Business

Office 365™ Pagoda partners with Microsoft to bring you the comfort and familiarity of the applications you know and trust. You can store, access and share Microsoft documents from the Cloud, as well as having access to Microsoft Outlook for your email functions.


Pagoda Cloud Email

Pagoda provides you with industry compliant email capabilities with full email security from viruses, SPAM and other predators. If your office server is down—you can still access important messaging from your Cloud. Pagoda provides hybrid email solutions that integrate Outlook on your desktop with easily accessible Google Mail.


Mobile Devices

Pagoda can configure and optimize your Smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and other mobile devices with the applications you'll want handy while working from remote locations.


Cloud Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery

Continuous backups and replication are automated to your Cloud, so you never have to worry about a downed server interfering with your productivity. You’ll have immediate access to your virtual server while the physical server is being restored, so there’s no downtime or loss of revenue.


Google Applications Provider

Pagoda is a Google Partner and can guide your selection of Google products that improve your business productivity and online presence. We can train you and your staff on the most efficient means of collaboration to comply with your company’s practices. 


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