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Top 5 Tech Gifts You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

December 7, 2017

There are already plenty of tech gift guides floating around the internet that include the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Beats wireless headphones--all great gifts but we figure you’ve probably already heard of those gadgets. The items on this list are equally high-tech but they’re either newer to the market or made by companies with less marketing power than Apple, so they may not yet be on your radar.


We should also mention that they’re all made or founded right here in Santa Cruz, Ca where Pagoda is based. (Ok, so this list might be a tad biased but we can’t help it if Santa Cruz is home to a growing number of innovative companies!)


Without further ado, check out these five unique tech gifts for everyone on your list:  

1. For the environmentally conscious

Water conservation at home has never been easier with the newly released Buoy smart-water device. This cute, watermelon-sized capsule attaches to your home’s main water line and sends water usage information to the Buoy app. The app tracks how much water you’re using throughout the home and notifies you if there’s a leak. You can even shut off the water remotely and call a plumber directly through the app. Considering that U.S. homes lose over 10% of their water to everyday leaks, this handy device will save the owner both water and money. Who wouldn’t want one?


Buy it here


2. For the skater

The Inboard electric skateboard lets you easily climb hills, take turns faster, and confidently handle steep descents with smart technology that’s safe and fun. With the ability to zoom around town at 22 mph, yet still small enough to carry on the bus or throw in an Uber, this skateboard takes urban commuting to a whole new level. The battery lasts up to 7 miles on a single charge and built-in LED lights keep you visible after dark.


Buy it here


3. For the flow artist or festival-goer

Flow artists manipulate objects to both entertain and enter a meditative state often referred to as ‘flow.’ These artists often perform at music festivals and use objects such as poi, hula hoops, and gloves with colored LED lights in the fingertips. Two high-school students improved upon the gloving art-form by designing the best LED gloves on the market. Futuristic Lights offers gloves with 38 color options, brightness control, programmability, motion reactive modes, and more.


Buy them here


4.  For the professional

With active noise-canceling, immersive audio, and an impressive wireless range, the Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Headphones are hard to beat, especially for the price. Great for travel, the headphones are compact and have a battery life of 24 hours. Smart sensors automatically pause your music when you remove the headphones and resumes it when you put them back on. These are the perfect headphones for both leisure and work.


Buy them here


Looking for other headphone options? Check out the Plantronics Holiday Gift Guide.


5.  For the person who has everything

If there’s someone on your list who insists they don’t want any presents, here’s a gift they can’t refuse. Consider making a charitable donation in their name to Digital Nest, a non-profit dedicated to providing high-tech training for young people. The award-winning organization offers free access to computers, software, Wi-Fi, digital tools, and classes to youth. The program prepares young people for today’s workforce by teaching them the technological skills necessary to get ahead and make a difference in their community and beyond.


Donate here

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