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Samsung and Android put pressure on Apple. Are you in the Galaxy or in iOS?

May 29, 2013

Samsung is in the midst of one of the most exciting periods in its history. When the company was founded, it was hoping its consumer electronics would help it establish a foothold in the United States. Now years later, Samsung has not only established a foothold in a number of markets, but the company has found a way to uproot some of the key players in those markets and become a dominant force. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the mobile market, where Samsung has been able to ship more smartphones than any other company. It is even the world leader in feature phone shipments. All of that success is bad news for Apple—and its iPhone—to whom Samsung is its chief competitor. While Apple is the company that is often viewed as the leader in the mobile space, the truth is, it hasn't truly cemented itself in that position. And now Samsung is making moves that are making the iPhone maker sweat. Apple could very well be in real trouble in the mobile space. And it's all Samsung's fault. Flip through the following slides to learn more about the ways Samsung is making Apple sweat in the mobile marketplace.

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