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Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vs. Apple iPad Mini

May 30, 2013

Tablet Mini-War

By Edward J. Correia CRN

With the release last month of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung once again looks to take a bite out of Apple's tablet market share. When we compared Apple's iPad Mini vs. the Galaxy Note 10.1 last winter, Samsung had not yet invented the 8-inch version. Samsung's smaller Note is just as capable as the larger, and has features unique among tablets to date.

It has also come to light that iPad demand has been waning in recent weeks, and that hunger for iPad mini is on the rise. While Apple doesn't break out sales figures for its iPad models, one media report puts iPad mini sales at 12.5 million of the 19.5 million total iPads sold in Apple's second 2013 quarter. Clearly there's a big demand for little tablets. Here's how the $399 Galaxy Note 8 compares with Apple's $329 iPad mini.

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