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Benefits of 5G for Your Business

April 1, 2021

Launched commercially in early 2019, the 5G network is well on its way to becoming the standard for all homes and businesses. 5G refers to the fifth generation technology of public wireless networks and is leagues better than its 4G predecessor in terms of capacity, latency, and download speeds. 


In addition to building large radio towers, companies like Verizon, AT&T, Verizon, and China Telecom Corporation Limited are deploying small-cell antennas (installed on buildings, streetlights, and other public infrastructure), to exponentially increase the amount of data 5G can transmit and the number of devices it can support. Especially in the age of a rapidly expanding remote workforce, 5G has the potential to revolutionize the workplace. 


Increased capacity 

A 5G deployment is estimated to be able to support 1 million devices per 1 square kilometer (0.39 square miles). This is great news for businesses who may experience slow internet speeds once they go over a certain number of devices. With more capacity, 5G will allow businesses to connect more computers, smart phones, and other smart devices to their network without a change in operating speed. 


Lower-latency or faster response times

Latency refers to the length of time that transpires between data being sent and received. This is especially important in video calls or live streams where a significant lag time can result in the audio and visuals being out of sync—an annoyance when it comes to lip synchronization and a real communication issue with any form of digital presentation..  4G’s latency time is 50 milliseconds compared to only 1 millisecond for 5G. This lower latency is what makes it possible for self-driving vehicles to react quickly enough to avoid an obstruction in the road and what makes augmented and virtual reality feel like real life. This has exciting implications for AR and VR technology which are both used not only in video games but also for a diverse range of fields including medical training, emergency response, construction, and even retail. 


5G’s low latency also means that businesses can effectively stream high-resolution videos, audio, and images for marketing, education, advocacy, or other purposes. Cloud-based applications, like Office 365 or G Suite, also perform better with 5G. You’ll see improvements in online collaboration, remote file access, online chat, and more. 


In addition, video calls will get an upgrade with higher quality visuals and audio. This will be a huge relief for any business that has experienced slow response times throughout a video call, resulting in audio cutting in and out or losing video in the middle of an important slideshow presentation. 


Faster download and upload speeds

5G download speeds will eventually be 100 times faster than 4G (10Gbps compared to 100Mbps ). These faster download speeds will make it easy for remote team members to download large files and quickly access everything they need to get to work. 


Revolutionizing home and work 

Before we know it, 5G will be the default network for most internet connections. 5G has the potential to significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and innovation in the workplace. The mobile workforce will become increasingly convenient for a wider variety of fields and AR and VR will become more commonplace in industries from car manufacturing to agriculture. At home, 5G will allow all your smart devices to operate through one network, including low-power devices. This will expand the ability of the IoT (Internet of Things) to improve energy efficiency and convenience. 


How might 5G improve your business? Whatever field you’re in, a 5G network could allow you to expand your reach, offer more remote work options, and greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of your current operations.  


Feature photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

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