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Apple OS X No Longer Secure?

November 5, 2015

For a long time, Apple has been known as having the most secure OS out there. It’s sleek, it’s secure, the systems are impenetrable right? Right?


Well not so much.


After a few high profile breaches of security, it has become clear that maybe apple products aren’t quite as safe as they once were.


But were they even secure in the old days? A study by Bit9 shows that until recently, Apple products were in fact not relevant enough for hackers to care about, since Windows was the go-to computer system used by anyone worth hacking.

Now since Apple has received more attention and people worth hacking are using their products, it has become clear that there are cracks in the armor.

This year alone has seen over 900 new viruses aimed at OS X. Now the viruses are easy to identify and remove, but this is an explosive increase since their humble beginnings. From 2010 to 2014 there were only 180 viruses discovered.


Why is this happening?


Apple Products are the hot new thing. With all that media attention, it becomes clear that there is a lot to be gained by gaining access to people’s Operating Systems. More people using these products creates an unfortunate demand for access to their information. Hackers have an incentive to figure out how to break the OS X code and gain access like they would to any Windows machine.


So what do we do about it?


Well, Apple users need to be aware of the fact that they are vulnerable, just like anyone else.

Be cautious when downloading sketchy software from the internet, be careful when clicking harmful ads, and protect your passwords with software like ‘key chain’.

If you need help building protective systems for you company, contact our customer support and we will get you signed up with a free consultation.

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