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A Few Areas Where Your Business Might Need Help in the IT Department

June 16, 2016


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Many of us, in this technology age, have become very proficient at running our own businesses and managing the IT side of things ourselves. We have Google Drive storage down to a science, LastPass seems to work great and you get a new laptop every few years to stay ahead of the planned obsolescence.


However, working as the default company IT person can get frustrating and difficult. There are times when things are changing so rapidly in the IT industry that what you think is right is really a few years out of date. Here are a few areas of business IT that can be problematic and what you can do to improve them.



  • Managing Your Data


Data is everything to businesses these days. It contains your customer’s information,all of your passwords, your business expenses, your company policies, your code, your marketing content, it can even be your company's entire presence and managing data is a full time job. From deleting duplicates, to making sure you have enough space, to preparing for security breaches, managing data is a lot of work. Spending too much time managing data yourself can take away from your personal productivity  and your business products or services. Having IT professionals managing your data can really help you grow smoothly, and help you focus on the things that matter in your business.

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  1. Security

We have several blog posts on security here at Pagoda Technologies, and we can’t emphasize it enough. Security is the number 1 threat to businesses everywhere. It is also one of the last things people remember to check. From emailing passwords back and forth between employees, to being untrained on spear phishing attacks, to not keeping a secure Wifi network, security can be the weakest link in an otherwise flawless business.


Cyber criminals know that many businesses, especially small or medium sized businesses won’t put as much effort into their IT security, and that makes them prime targets. Having a solid IT security policy in place to protect your business and make your systems and users less vulnerable, can mean the difference between having a successful year, or a disastrous one.


  1. Infrastructure Upgrades

Getting that new laptop for yourself every few years might feel great and keep you in the clear for hardware updates, but what about the other hardware that runs your business? Are your onsite servers really up to date? Are your employees’ computers all running the latest version of Windows? When was the last time you replaced the wireless router in your server closet? Or changed the password for that matter? Making sure you have flawless, up-to-date hardware and software can solve the previous two issues in no time. Security will be improved with newer software and hardware, and switching to cloud storage will reduce the strain on your company's data management.


If you are looking to upgrade your IT department and make sure your business is running optimally, then contact Pagoda Technologies for a no cost business assessment.



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