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5 Tech Security Pitfalls to Avoid in 2018

January 4, 2018

Many of us have set our new year’s resolutions and are heading into 2018 with lofty goals and hopefully a few attainable aspirations. Improving the tech security of your business may not sound particularly visionary, but it can save you from a world of headache. Over the past year, we’ve shared numerous tips to help prevent these tech-induced headaches by showing you how to protect your business (and yourself) from a data breach. From these tips, we’ve pulled out our top five tech security pitfalls that everyone should be aware of and know how to avoid for a secure and productive year.   


5. Neglecting the security of your messaging app

The ubiquity of messaging apps requires that we take a hard look at how secure each app is, from iMessage to Facebook. Every messaging app stores some of your information, even if you choose to encrypt or delete messages right after they’re sent. This information can include where you were when you sent a particular message, who you sent it to, what time it was sent, and other data beyond the actual content of your messages. If this makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. This type of metadata can reveal personal information about our habits, interests, and relationships.


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4. Not setting up a BYOD policy

Do your employees use their own personal laptop or smartphone to send work-related emails or to access the company database? With more professionals choosing to work remotely, the use of personal devices for work-related tasks is becoming more ubiquitous and opening up a new type of security risk. Creating a company BYOD policy (bring your own device) allows workers to maintain the autonomy afforded by remote work while protecting your business from a data breach.


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3. Following outdated password guidelines

Your old password habits could be putting you at risk of a cyber attack. The combination of irregular capitalization, special characters, and at least one numeral led most internet users to create passwords that were actually easy to crack. If your current passwords resemble commonly used words in the English language with special characters replacing one or two letters and a couple numbers thrown in for good measure, it’s time to update them.


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2. Inadequate tech security training

If just one employee opens a phishing email, clicks the included link, and enters sensitive data into a fraudulent form, the whole company could be at risk. This is why it’s crucial to educate all employees about the basics of tech security on a regular basis for the lifetime of their career. Does this sound like a daunting, time intensive task? Don’t worry. We’ve found a great training tool that will teach your team how to recognize phishing emails and avoid a data breach.


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1. Failing to update your operating systems

Downloading the latest version of macOS or Windows helps protect your from ransomware and other malicious viruses. It can also improve your productivity and workflow by giving you access to new and improved features. If that weren’t enough, taking the time to download updates and invest in new technology for the office helps attract highly qualified employees.


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We hope you head into the new year with eyes wide open for these common tech security pitfalls. If you have any questions or need help implementing any of the security measures described above, don’t hesitate to get in touch!   



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