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3 Things to Know About Using an E-Signature in Your Business

December 3, 2015

Did you know that since 2000 e-signatures (electronic signatures) have the same legal standing as physical signatures in the US? The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act made it so 15 years ago.

With these e-signatures holding so much legal weight, it’s important they are used correctly.


Here are 3 things you need to know about using an e-signature in your business.


1. There is a difference between an e-signature and a digital signature


An E-Signature is the electronic version of a handwritten signature. To make an e-signature, you just need to sign a piece of paper, scan it and then use the image as your actual signature. An electronic signature can also be made when you enter your name or click an "I agree" button in a website form. These are all legally binding and represent the same thing as a physical signature.


A digital signature is a little bit different. A digital signature comes with an encryption that makes sure the documents sent are received intact. Digital signatures are often used when you login to online banking websites or purchase an App.


2. E-signatures will save you time


How many times have you needed to sign an online document? This means printing it out, signing it, scanning it, and sending it back to the original sender. Oh and then probably sending it again in a different format because their computer uses a different document reader.


To sign this document, you need quite a lot of things to align in your favor. You have to have a printer, and it has to be working correctly (which they never do), you have to be able to sign it and then also scan it back. This means that not just any old printer will work, you need a printer with a scanner.


However, with an e-signature, you can simply drag and drop your legally binding signature into a document and be on your merry way.


3. E-signatures will save you money


Of course they will save you money. Now-a-days it is almost as important to be mobile as it is to have your own IT department when running a small business. Being a mobile business is great, but it means you might not be able to afford a printer and a scanner.


With today's apps and software supporting businesses, you can download Tiny Scanner to take photos directly from your phone and turn them into documents, and using Sign Easy can make using your e-signature cheap and easy!


This means that using an e-signature can lower the cost of running a business and increase your profit margin.


So in closing, using an e-signature is a must. It can help move your business along much more quickly and it can save you money.


If you need help getting set up with an e-signature, digital signature, or with any other IT needs, contact Pagoda Technologies.


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