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3 IT Trends to Watch in 2016

April 7, 2016


Although we are a few months into 2016, there are three crucial IT trends you should be aware of that we think will make a difference to business owners..



  1. Wearable Technology is on the Rise. It is likely that in the next year we will see more and more wearable tech. According to McAfee Labs, “780 million: The number of wearable devices by 2019.” This means that business owners won’t just have access to wearable tech, but the sophistication of the technology will be greatly improved. In 2016 IT questions will begin to involve wearable tech, so business owners should increase their awareness of the wearable technology industry. It is no longer just fitness bands and glasses, wearable tech is everything from a virtual assistant to wearable clothing.
  2. Cyber Threats are on the Rise.  According to TrendMicro we will start to see not only more cyber threats, but more personal attacks on customers and clients. Phishing threats will become even more prominent, which makes focusing on security even more important. Properly training your employees to watch out for personalized cyber attacks is extremely important. Please see our recent blog post on types of phishing attacks and how to prevent them. Fortunately, in 2016 we will also see the government responding more to these types of threats. You can sign up for an alerts newsletter the government sends out whenever a significant threat is identified. However, don’t rely solely on government assistance to protect yourself from cyber threats. Make sure all of your employees are trained and you have an efficient system for dealing with attacks.
  3. The Cloud will Become More Popular Than Ever. Migrating onsite IT infrastructure to IT infrastructure in the cloud is expected to increase in 2016, if it has not already. This means that companies will be less constrained by the physical limitations of their hardware, and can easily upgrade storage, and purchase new servers all through the cloud. Increased cloud usage also means more ability to work remotely, be more flexible and reduce the cost of running a large office with heavy duty equipment. 

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